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April 25, 2013

Mobile Media Maker Camp coming to Vermont

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After spending the day with Vermont Artists at the Vermont Craft Council Conference, I am more convinced than ever that  Vermont Mobile Media Maker Camp fills a need in our educational community.  As educators we need to connect with our maker spirit and experience using mobile devices to CREATE media in a way that puts us in the maker role. Creativity and Innovation can be infused into our schools with mobile devices, but we need more than a list of apps.  Educators need to a chance to create and make.  Spread the news about Mobile Media Maker Camp and send someone from your district to camp this summer to create music, arts, games, ebooks, ipad apps with mobile devices.  Watch them come back to your school excited to infuse creativity into your school's learning environment with mobile tools.  Options available include with or without housing; with or without grad credit, and iPad included or Bring Your Own Device.

 Learn more about our amazing lineup of presenters at www.MobileMediaCamp.com 


Mobile Media Camp Presenters

Vermont Craft Council Conference Presentation

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Was so inspired by the Innovation Panel at the Vermont Craft Council Conference today and feel so fortunate for this unexpected opportunity to model the power of mobile tools when the presenters gave permission for me to use my pocket full of tools to record it.  I used an iPod Touch,  an iRig Microphone, and iRig recorder App to record, and uploaded the recordings to SoundCloud.  

I did not edit the recordings, and uploaded them as is (including some initial setup chat. The lighting in the room was not optimal for good video, so I made a quick decision to add the microphone to the sound recorder rather than the video recording device. I enabled the ability for the soundclips to be downloaded so that the speakers could download the clips for their own portfolios.  

In the the afternoon, I got a chance to meet some of the artist who attended my workshop  Mobile Media Mania, which introduced various ways to use mobile tools to meet their needs as makers.  Here are the slides from my workshop. 

April 15, 2013

Geeky Fun at Google Headquarters

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Google Reboot Andrew Lucie
What I great day I had meeting and reconnecting new friends at Google Headquarters NYC for the GCT Reboot 2013.  The passion in the room was amazing – and it wasn't about Google Koolaid – it was about opportunities for teaching and learning made possible by Google Tools.  

I had the privilege of facilitating the discussion on Scripting during a breakout session

  The size of the group doubled as  +Andrew Stillman  walked in and joined us.  


Andrews has created some amazing scripts  used by educators daily, including  Autocrat , and Doctopus and most recently version 2 of gClass folders.  

The  conversation ranged from  using appscript to improve workflows in education, to using it with students to meet new standards such as Next Generation Science Standards to Common Core, to using it to fuel the Maker spirit  or  Open Source  community feel.  It was way too short of a discussion time  for such  a high interest topic, but  the conversation is far from over and I’m sure we will see more and more interest on this topic.  A great place to start is  The AppsSCript for Educationa Builders and Users Group.