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November 24, 2011

Playing with QR codes

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Although I have installed a free QR reader on my phone and have used it to get more information about an object or place, I had yet to create my own.  This morning I created my first QR code using 



A QR codes is a two-dimensional bar code that can be posted on or near an object so that someone with a Mobile device can snap a picture and receive additional text, media, or links related to that object.  

Read more about QR codes and their implication for educators in this Educause article:
7 Things You Should know about QR codes 

November 17, 2011

Exponential change in technology – how exciting

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My recent comments during a conversation among school technology folks trying to budget for computer replacement, speculating whether 5 or 7 years was the right cycle.

"At the exponential rate that technology is changing, I also think we must also be speaking in turns of "technologies" not specific pieces of technology and be planning for more exponential changes in technology – instead of speculating whether we should replace our desktops every 5  or every 7 years.

Looking back at Thomas Edison's prediction of a time when there would be a phonography in every home


Thinking back at
Ray Kurzeil's prediction (1999 MIT Inventor of the year)

"just as the Industrial Revolution reshaped America at the dawn of the 20th century, the information revolution is resahping the world at the dawn of the 2st century.

The expontential growth of technology in the first two decades of the 20th century matched that of the entire 19th century.

The exponential growth of the technology in the first 5 years of the 21st century will invenitably inexorably, match that of teh entire 20th century."

Looking around the corner at the technology that teens predict will be obselete by 2015


Looking ahead at the technology on the horizon (The Horizon Report: 

I'm so happy to be working in such a dynamic field as educational technology

— from the lady who use to have $75 per machine in her budget for the annual cleaning and maintenance of the typewriters in my lab

November 14, 2011

Google Presentation Audio Ideas

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Several times recently I've been asked how to add audio to Google Presentations.
Here are a few ideas that might work.

According to their description in the Google Apps Marketplace, they have "reinvented presentations with its feature rich, innovative platform that lets you create, manage, share and measure your presentations in one complete and integrated application".  This includes audio features. I have not added this to our domain yet, but plan to and play with it soon



Another possibility is Slidecasting with Slideshare. Here is a brief tutorial.
You would have to export the slide show from Google Presentation, and then upload it to Slideshare.


Voice Thread  would work.  What I would suggest is downloading the Google Presentation as a PPT file, then uploading it to Voice Thread.
When you upload a Powerpoint to Voice Thread each slide appears as a separate slide and you can then 'record"  a comment on each slide.
Here is a great tutorial

Screenr, Jing, or other Screen capture solutions could also be used.
Simply play your Google Presentation and narrate while you are recording it using your favorite Screen Capture solution.  Many of these also offer hosting of the completed movie.

Let me know which ones you try and any tips you come up with in sharing these.