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July 29, 2006

deLaBruere Family Reunion

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What a great time I had organizing this year’s deLaBruere Family Reunion with my cousin Roland.  Since Roland (owner of NorthEast Business Systems) and myself both have background with Technology we decided to bring the family reunion into the digital age.  I organized a Digital Family History center.  I brought digital cameras and digital voice recorders and worked with members of each family to capture some media (photos, videos, and audio) for a deLaBruere Family website.  Eleven of the twelve families were represented in some format.  I tried to engage a member or two from each family to use the digital tools to capture memories from their family.  Passing on the sense of responsibility of capturing family history to the upcoming generation was part of my goal.  Using the tools of the digital generation seemed to be an important part of the process of getting them involved.  I hope it worked.  I used Google Pages to set up a container, and experimented with other sites to host the images, videos, and sounds.  I chose to password protect the two photo albums  on Shutterfly since there were over 200 images and I wanted to respect those who might not want their pictures on the web.   The audio is hosted as a podcast on Odeo.  The short video clips were uploaded to DropShots.  I think there is great potential for this type of activity.