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November 4, 2013

6 Reasons I’m Excited About VermontFest 2013

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6 Reasons I’m Excited About VermontFest 2013

I’m super excited about this year’s VermontFest conference in Killington Vermont for so many reasons.  

#1 Vermont's most amazing educators will be there

Can't wait to catch up with so many of my edtech friends and fantastic Vermont educators 

#2 My sessions this year were super fun to prepare for.  

Presentation materials will be posted next to each session below (minutes before each session – gotta make those last minute tweaks ; )

Using Google Tools to support the Common Core
Thursday Session 2  10:45 – 11:40

The Magic of Making with Your iPad
Thursday evening  6:00 – 9:00

On the Road to iPad App Development
Friday  Session 4   12:40 –1:35



Collaborative Notes


#3 The closing keynote will provide Charlie Wilson and I an opportunity to LAUNCH a new Connected Voices project feature Vermont teachers and students… stay tuned

#4 Killington Grand has the best hot tubs!

#5  I get to bring my HOME and my husband to the conference.

Our home

1984 Wanderlodge Bus by Bluebird

Killington Grand is letting us park our mobile home/bus  - Just look around for the brown/tan vintage RV – a Bluebird Wanderlodge.  And Craig Lyndes, my super talented husband is helping with tech set up and tear down, so he’ll be there too

#6 VermontFest (Killington, VT) is our last stop on our way out of Vermont on our living in a bus adventure.

Craig and I gave up our apartment in June and moved into the bus for an 18 month journey (6 months in Vermont, 6 months outside Vermont, 6 months back to Vermont,  with the next 6 months To Be Determined)

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