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January 16, 2013


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ADE links:

I am currently working on two different projects.  Since the projects are currently in progress, I was not sure which link to put on the ADE application, so I put a link to this page, which will provide you with the most current status to these two authoring projects.


1. iTunes U K-12 Project:  Codesmith

I am currently designing  an iTUNES U  K-12  course to accompany an Apps Programming Class for middle school students at St. Albans City School.  The course (Codesmyth)  is being piloted with 15 students, with at least 50% girls.  In order to extend the opportunity to more students, we  have decided to build an iTUNES U course. The team working on this class includes 3 instructional designers for the face to face class, a staff member  to capture the video,  and myself (online design consultant).  My role was to set up and build a prototype of the iTUNES U course.  The team met last week to review the initial work and they love it and want to proceed to build the rest of the course using videos and materials we create for the face to face course.  However we have decided that we will move the course over to a new iTunes Account that reflects the team approach rather than my individual iTunes Course.  We will continue to use my Account to prototype and port over the topics as they are reviewed.   For this reason I was not sure what link to submit.  Here is the link to the protoype than I am currently working with.

   Codesmyth:  An Apps Programming Class  for Middle School Student.

    Codesmyth: iTunes U course prototype: https://itunesu.itunes.apple.com/enroll/JBW-5WH-EJ5


2. Ebook Creation – Music-Comp Ebook



I am currently working on an ebook with Sandi McCleod, the Executive Director of Music-Comp.  An amazing non profit that has been providing students with opportunities to compose music in collaboration with real music composers.

The ebook will feature 25 alumns from the program and their music. The documents has been laid out and we are working on proofreading and checking links.  I cannot post a link to the document at this time, because the Board of Directors is working on a fundraiser/launch plan.  But I could samples of the work done through a private email exchange prior to the launch.