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December 30, 2011

Can iPads Prepare Tomorrow’s Engineers

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In preparation for National Engineers Day Events sponsored by UVM's College of Engineering and Mathematical Science, I spent some time reviewing the research I have been doing on iPod and iPad Apps that support Engineering Thought.  Since some of the schools I work with have moved to using iPads with schools, I prepared this slideshow that features Apps that might come in helpful to students who would like to participate in this fabulous event.  

Many of these competitions use technology in the research phase of the project, which students can do on either a computer or an i-device.  But what about the competition that uses Sketchup to design the next mobile device  or the Playful Invention where students create Playful Inventions or computer games with tools like Scratch or Alice.  Would students from schools that use iPads be able to participate in these events?  

iPads Apps have started to emerge that can combine the advantage of mobility with imaginative, inventive, and innovative thinking necessary for participate in these events.  Although the iPad does lack the serious (full featured programs) found on a PC,  students who only have access to iPads should be able to use the tools in this collection to prepare for National Engineers Day  on  February 16, 2012 sponsored by UVM