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September 26, 2008

Friday Five – Free and Open Source Software

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K12openminds I'm sitting here in Indianapolis at the K12 Open Minds Conference surrounded by evangelist of free and open source software in education so I thought I would make this the theme of this week's Friday Five.

Did you know that there there is great software that is free and legal for us to use in your classroom AND even give a free copy to our students.  Using free software and making it available for our
students is part of my our mission at St. Alban City School.

I could not limit it to 5 sites…. so I recommended sites around 5 categories.  I can help you use any of these in your classrooms.

#1 Free Software For Primary Grades
G Compris = free software for primary grades
gcompris.net/-Screenshots- Free Software for primary grades

Child Play by schoolsplay.org = free software for elementary education

#2  Free Software to Make Thinking Visible (graphic organizers and mind mapping)

CMap Tools -graphic organization
www.k12opensource.org/oss-cmap.html make thinking visual

FreeMind – free mind mapping software

#3 Free Software for Making Podcast and other Audio Recording Needs
Format Factory – Conversion program

Audacity: a free recording software

#4 Free Software for your Artistic Need
Inkscape. a painting program that allow you to Draw Freely.

Tux Paint – paint program for young children

Paint.NET – a photoshop like program

#5 Free Software for word processing, spreadsheets, and Presentation
(for those who don't want to buy Microsoft Office)

OpenOffice.org – The Free and Open Productivity Suite

NeoOffice – an open source productivity tool

September 12, 2008

Friday Five – Self Image

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Today was picture day at school. As I walked into the gym I saw the girls peering into small compact mirrors fixing their hair and adding a bit of lipstick. Therefore I thought I’d make today’s Friday Five about children and self image. If you haven’t seen the Dove REAL Beauty Videos, they are a MUST see for all who care about our young people’s development.


September 5, 2008

Friday Five – Election Theme

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I've decided to model on of my fellow edubloggers (Lucy Gray)  and offer a Friday Five+ (a list of websites that might help you integrate technology into your classroom).  Here is this week's list.

Friday Five – Give your Lessons and Election Theme Across the Curriculum 

In light of the recent activity on the political scene, I decided to give this weeks Friday Five an Election Theme.  Here are more than FIVE websites that can help you add a election theme to your lessons.  Some of these include lessons in math, language arts, and other areas besides social studies. You can also get to all of  these (and any new ones I find)  through my Online Bookmarks at 



Probably my number 1 recommended site for Election Theme Widgets, Gadgets, Games, Interactive Tools.  Scroll down to see some really cool ones towards the bottom of the page.

Although this site is 4 years old, I found some great links here and there are some updates for the 2008 elections available at Education World


minute video on Electing a President. Commoncraft has a great reputation for making really Short Simple in Plain English Videos on a wide variety of topics that people enjoy. Check out their other videos.

A blog post on how to make a Commoncraft type video, using the Electing a US President Video by Common Craft .  Perhaps you students can do this with other topics.

Announcement re: NBC News made available to teachers more than 5,000 chunks of news video and still photos from their news archives, for use in the classroom. Lots of GREAT election theme videos here. The service requires a free subscription to HotChalk through December. After that, a school subscription to HotChalk is necessary, starting in 2008.

Keep up-to-date on the 2008 election with Google Maps Browse through these political maps to learn about this year's race for the Presidency and show off your favorites by embedding them around the web for the world to see. Feeling ambitious? Design and create your own elections map with our getting started guide.