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November 5, 2009

Vermont Fest 2009 – Thursday

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Vermont Fest 2009

Google Potluck for Educators  10:50 – 11:50

session will highlight features of Google Tools that have the
most~potential for 21st century teaching and learning.~Like most
potlucks, you’ll get a little sample of lots of different tools
including new features and old favorites that can help you tap the
potential of free Google tools and resources for educators.



November 4, 2009

Vermont Fest 2009

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2009 Preconference

Pre-Conference Workshops,
Wednesday, November 4, 2008
6:00 – 9:00
Workshop A
Anywhere Anytime Computing~ with
Google Docs and a Netbook –
Participants get a Netbook with this
Lucie deLaBruere (Google Certified
Platform –

Come learn how to use Google Docs
to put your documents in the clouds and make them available to you~anywhere
anytime.~ Combining cloud computing with Google Docs with the convenience of a
Netbook,( a computer small enough to put in your purse) and you'll be able to
learn anywhere you have Internet Access.

This hands-on workshop will have
you collaborating with other participants by collecting data using Google Forms;
turning data into information using Google Spreadsheet; presenting the
information using Google presentation, and writing a collaborative reflection
using Google docs… and we have lots of fun doing it!!

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