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January 16, 2006

Broken Links?

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It appears that my previous web host is having technical difficulties and upgrading their server.  This means some broken links for many of my projects.  Aaargh! Hopefully they’ll get it resolved soon, or I’ll take on the huge tasks of moving sites over to a new host. 

January 7, 2006

What Happened to the Old Site

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The old Learning With Lucie site is still available for archival purposes.  Every once in a while someone will ask me about something that I shared with them (once upon a time), and I often find it on that site. Since my job and focus of my work has shifted from career and technical education to technology integration, I thought it was time for a new format that reflected these changes. However, if you have bookmarked a resource on the old site,  here’s a doorway into this retired site.

My family

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SimongrandmaComing from a large French-Canadian family, I take pride in being close to my family.  I must admit that I don’t personally know the names of each of my cousins, but since I have over 100 first cousins,  I think that’s understandable.  My mother was one of 8; my father was one of 12;  many of their siblings had large families; it doesn’t take long to pass the 100 count.  I am the oldest of 5 girls,  mother of 3 sons, and  grandmother to Simon. 

Here is a small photo album where I get to show off some recent pictures of some of these special people in my life.   

January 6, 2006

Getting serious

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It’s been almost 5 years since I started dabbling with blogs in education mostly for student projects in my classroom.

It’s been about a year since "blogs" have started to really get the attention of the masses (marked by it being the most frequently looked up word in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary)

It’s been a few months since I selected "blogging in education" as a research topic for a few grad classes.

Finally… I’ve decided that it’s time to get serious and start my own blogs with some serious blog tools.  Many of the blogs that really got my attention during my research project were done on TypePad.  Getting serious for me was shelling out a few dollars a month to discover blogging at the next level (beyond free blogging tools like Blogger and Xanga)

My goals – 

  1. To discover what features non-free blogging tools have and whether they are worth paying for.
  2. To move from the  a user of  free blogging tools for educational projects  to a blogger who explores the process of blogging (not just the tools)
  3. To update the format of my old web site to a more interactive format

Let’s see what happens.