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May 18, 2007

Dynamic Landscape – Using Tech Tools to Support Mathematics Instruction

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The following presentation was put together from what we (at St. Albans City School)  learned while implementing a Titles 2D grant aimed  at exploring how to use 21st century tools to support mathematics instruction.  
[electronic handout] 

We opened the presentation with a You Tube video from Shteve00  of a performance of That’s Mathematics by Tom Lehrer.


Dynamic Landscape – Hands on Web 2.0 Session

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At Dynamic Landscape 2007 I got to the chance to lead a hands on session introducing teachers to Web 2.0.   In the spirit of Web 2.0,  we used the constructivist approach of Web 2.0 and John Dewey  to shape and deliver  the workshop itself, starting with this description provided in the flyer and some groundwork I laid out using this wiki.

The potential of Web 2.0 to bring the pedagogy of John Dewey back in focus in today’s educational ~landscape has everyone talking about School 2.0. ~~This hands on workshop will introduce participants to ~Web 2.0 tools that can support Dewey’s tradition of active, engaged, constructivist learning.~ Come learn how to redesign research assignments using social bookmarking tools like del.icio.us ,~ work on group projects using Wikis, publish to a global audience by blogging and podcasting, ~collaborate with Google Docs and Spreadsheet, and more.~ Examples of real teachers using Web 2.0 with their students will accompany practical hands on instruction during this double session workshop.

May 5, 2007

Adam’s Concert

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Driving home from the University of Hartford after having thoroughly enjoyed the Hawkappella Spring Concert, I dialed Adam’s cell phone to ask him if he could find out who the guy with the video camera was at the concert (obviously someone’s parent by the age of the videographer) and whether we could get a copy of the video.  "Sure Mom,  but there are already a bunch of clips from the concert up on You Tube".  Sure enough by the time I arrived home and turned on my computer I was able to enjoy Adam’s solo again,  along with many other numbers captured by his college colleagues using cell phones and cameras.  How OLD SCHOOL of me to think I had to ‘hope’ to make contact with an unknown member of the audience to possibly get him to make a fellow ‘parent’ a copy of the video footage he took.  As I write it, it even sounds "OLD SCHOOL", doesn’t it.   So when I got home I not only took the time to learn how to create my own You Tube Playlist of Hawkappella videos  but checked out the Hawkapella’s MySpace