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November 8, 2012

Who Owns The Learning

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Who Owns the Learning?  Creating ePortfolios with Purpose

A VermontFest 2012 workshop by 

Lucie deLaBruere & Lauren Parren

Examine how purpose, process, and product drive which digital age tools and practices you adopt when creating eportfoliosLucie deLaBruere and Lauren Parren have over 10 years of experience supporting eportfolio systems in schools.  


They will share their experience with the process of creating an eportfolio system as well as tools they have used including blogs,  Google Sites, VoiceThread,  Learning Management Systems,  Ipads and other mobile devices .  A structured conversation will be held to discuss ways to change a school’s culture to make portfolios valuable.  Assessments and rubrics to support a standards-based portfolio will be shared.

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