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October 12, 2011

iOS 5 update successful (alas!)

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Update on my iOS 5 update process

My curiosity to see the features of iOS5 in action had me on standby for Cupertino release time.
Had no trouble with the download (Yeah)
However the install failed with an error 3200 (over and over and over ;-(
Looks like I was in good company indicated by noise in the blogosphere and Twitter community Apple's iOS 5 Error 3200: Now Trending Worldwide
Gave up to and ran off to attend a couple of meetings and gave it another try tonight
After reading the frustration and successes it became obvious that the problem occurred not during downloading, but when the ipad tried to touch base with the mothership in the final stages of the install "verify stage".– attributed to Apple Server overloads.

There were lots of folks offering advice of how they got by the 3200 Error message ranging from
— It worked when I held Comand and Update
— It worked when I held Shift at this point
–It worked when I turned off Antivirus
–It worked when I did the Restore Manually
— it worked when I scratched by left elbow … you get the idea

So persistence finally won and through brute force "Try Again" while waiting for Survivor to come on tonight, I think I broke through a brief "communication opening" on Apple Servers and I got through the Vertification stage that was kicking out the 3200 Error and I FINALLY HAVE A Version 5.0 on one of our iPads.


I must admit that I did yell a little HOOT of success when I saw the 'updated' version appear on the screen.
Now I get to satisfy my curiosity and play with iOS 5's new features to see which ones are really going to be "game changers" in education and which ones are hype.
Would love to talk about this with others who are exploring and especially with those who have carts of ipads or 1:1's in schools.

Also interested in hearing strategies from others on how to approach large scale ios5 updates.
Meanwhile I'm off to play.


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