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February 25, 2011

CSI (Create Simulate Innovate)

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CSI logo The CSI Vermont project has been keeping me more than busy lately.  For those who are not aware,  my energy and resources have recently gone towards a new project (albeit not a new interest) aimed at  infusing Creativity and Innovation into our schools.  My work on the committee that revised the Vermont Information Technology Grade Expectations was focused on the NET-S standard – Creativity and Innovation and lead me down a path to seek out resources around this topic and to write a grant proposal to bring some of these resources into our Vermont classrooms.   Our project (CSI Vermont) was funded and has been keeping me "more than busy" – but what a fun type of busy.  From bringing a bus load of students to Tech Jam 2010, to bringing students to Kids in Technology and Science Day at Champlain College,   to offering a Games and Literacy Workshop,  to desinging a new challenge for UVM's Engineering Day, this has certainly been a rewarding type of busy.  So busy, that I sudden realized I had not posted any news about the project on my Learning with Lucie site.  To learn more about CSI- Vermont or join us as we help teachers and students Create, Simulate, and Innovate, check out www.Csiprojectvt.org


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