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May 14, 2009

Dynamic Landscapes 2009

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Dynamic Landscapes 2009
Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
Champlain College – May 15, 2009

1) Creative Teaching with Google Earth

David Davidson/ Lucie deLaBruere

Earth is more than attention-grabbing program for finding your way
around our planet. The tools built into this service give you and your
students the opportunity to create original maps filled with your
content. We will use two elementary school projects to demonstrate how
Google Earth can be used to dramatically display original student work
on aerial views of the Earth.


2) Collaborating with Google Docs in Education- Hands-on – Double Session

Lucie deLaBruere (Google Certified Educator)

hands-on workshop will have you collaborating with other participants
by collecting data using Google Forms; turning data into information
using Google Spreadsheet; presenting the information using Google
presentation, and writing a collaborative reflection using Google
docs… and we have lots of fun doing it!!


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