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April 12, 2009

Tweaking Open Source Tools for the Classroom

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At this years FOSSVT Conference  featuring (Free and Open Source Software in Schools) I presented a session that demonstrated how to tweak three open source tools to make them truly useful classroom tools.

1) Tux Paint: 

  • learn how to modify the Tux Paint Config files for improved classroom management
  • create curricular related templates or starter pages
  • add new collection of stamps that match your curricular units

2)  Type Faster:

  • Replace the lessons and game content with words that are grade level appropriate or relate to your curricular goals (i.e. spelling,  science words, reading vocabulary)
  • Changing the length of lessons and speed of the game drills

3)  Open Office:

  • Adding ClipArt Categories to the Gallery Tool to make adding clipart an easier and more visual process.   Directions from Solveg Haugland
    We used the WP Clipart

I've attached two zip folders from my presentation (Tux Paint Starter Files,  and Open Office Gallery Config Files for WP Clipart)  at http://sites.google.com/site/opensourceineducation/Home

Check out more ideas  about using Open Source in Education at http://k12opened.com/

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