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January 20, 2009

Historic Inauguration Jeopardy Game & Voice Thread

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Historic Inaugurations
Download Inaguration Jeopardy

Obama will go down in history as being the first African American to be
inaugurated as President of the United States. 

out this National Public Radio Slide Show of other “First” for Inauguration



Or challenge someone you know to Play Historical Inauguration Jeopardy. 

I added content to this PowerPoint Game from http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/PPT-games/.

The questions are challenging for even those who've been around for a while.  So you might want to modify the rules to engage your students  by teaming them with adults who have seen a few Inaugurations.  Here are some ideas for playing this Jeopardy Game.

  • Give students a chance
    to use the Internet to search for answers.  
    Perhaps use the Jeopardy Music as a timer.
  • Have two classes challenge each other with their
    ‘teacher’ where the students picks the question and has the choice to let the
    teacher answer it for “half the points”.

Download Inaguration Jeopardy

I also created a Voice Thread that can be used by educators to help student express their voice around this historic day.  You can find a copy of this along with a few other last minute gems relating to Inauguration in my latest Infinite Thinking Machine Post.


Enjoy and Celebrate!

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