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January 16, 2009

Friday Five – Inauguration Web Sites for Classroom Teachers and Kids

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This week's Friday Five expand on those with interactive sites aimed at classroom teachers and students relating to the Inauguration.

Inauguration  2009 (and related  Web Sites for Educators and Students )

1.  http://web.me.com/elemenous/NKO_Inauguration/NKO_Inauguration_Celebration.html

Looking for some Writing Prompts relating to the Inauguration.  Check

out the blog part of this website from a Middle School near Barack

Obama's Chicago Home.   I can help your class participate in a safe


2. http://americanhistory.si.edu/presidency/5a2b.html

All the Presidents's Children ā€“ A short trivia game about children who

have lived in the White House.

I overhead some of our student's talking about this very topic in the

hall this week."Whose dog was a gift from the Soviet premier? Whose nickname was

Dynamo? Discover fun facts about past presidents' children with this

interactive activity from Smithsonian's National Museum of American


Video (So Help Me God)

Along with a fun list of "first and facts" regarding Past Inauguration

4. The American Presidency ā€“ A Glorious Burden

An online exhibit from the Smithsonian (great demonstration of a timeline)

Click on Site MAP (first)  to get a quick overview of everything on this site.


5.http://thinkfinity.com/Inauguration.aspxA whole collection of websites (some recycled from the Election

Collection) organized for educators, parents, students, and after

school program. '

(Including some of the ones listed below)



For Science Class:

President-elect Barack Obama has said he would like to make the White

House more of the "People's House" again by inviting guests to the

White House to discuss many different issues, including science.Which science topic would you like to see discussed at the White House?

Vote now!


Read Write Think collection of Lesson Plans and Activities that can be

used or related to the Election of Barack Obama

Understanding the Issues

The candidates might disagree on the solutions, but they both agree on

the country's most pressing issues. Learn more with Thinkfinity

resources.The Economy

National Budget Simulation Lesson from EconEdLink

Interactive Simulation of National Budget from NCEEThe Environment

The Human Footprint website from National Geographic


Curated and hosted by Museum of the Moving Image, The Living Room

Candidate offers more than 300 commercials from every presidential

race since the start of television campaign advertising in 1952. The

redesign and relaunch of The Living Room Candidate website are made

possible through a $435,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation.Lessons

National Budget Simulation (EconEdLink)

The Economics of Voting: What Do You Mean My Vote Doesn't Count? (EconEdLink)

Propaganda Techniques in Literature and Online Political Ads (ReadWriteThink)

Getting Into the Electoral College (Illuminations)

The Art of Democracy (ARTSEDGE)

Where Were the US Presidents Born? (Xpeditions)

Science and Elections (Science NetLinks)

Will the Best Candidate Win? (Illuminations)

Electing America's President (EDSITEment)

Vote for Me! Developing, Writing, and Evaluating Persuasive Speeches

(ReadWriteThink)Voting! What's It All About? (ReadWriteThink)

Interactive Exhibits & Simulations

National Budget Interactive Simulation (EconEdLink)The Machinery of Democracy

(Smithsonian's History Explorer)The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden (Smithsonian's History Explorer)

Multimedia Resources

Human Footprint (Xpeditions)All About Elections from the Chatting About Books Podcast Series

(ReadWriteThink)News for You Online Newspaper (ProLiteracy)


Election Day Activity (ReadWriteThink)

Letters to the Next President (National Writing Project) (ReadWriteThink)

Bonus Site:

And to keep really current, check out:


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