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September 26, 2008

Friday Five – Free and Open Source Software

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K12openminds I'm sitting here in Indianapolis at the K12 Open Minds Conference surrounded by evangelist of free and open source software in education so I thought I would make this the theme of this week's Friday Five.

Did you know that there there is great software that is free and legal for us to use in your classroom AND even give a free copy to our students.  Using free software and making it available for our
students is part of my our mission at St. Alban City School.

I could not limit it to 5 sites…. so I recommended sites around 5 categories.  I can help you use any of these in your classrooms.

#1 Free Software For Primary Grades
G Compris = free software for primary grades
gcompris.net/-Screenshots- Free Software for primary grades

Child Play by schoolsplay.org = free software for elementary education

#2  Free Software to Make Thinking Visible (graphic organizers and mind mapping)

CMap Tools -graphic organization
www.k12opensource.org/oss-cmap.html make thinking visual

FreeMind – free mind mapping software

#3 Free Software for Making Podcast and other Audio Recording Needs
Format Factory – Conversion program

Audacity: a free recording software

#4 Free Software for your Artistic Need
Inkscape. a painting program that allow you to Draw Freely.

Tux Paint – paint program for young children

Paint.NET – a photoshop like program

#5 Free Software for word processing, spreadsheets, and Presentation
(for those who don't want to buy Microsoft Office)

OpenOffice.org – The Free and Open Productivity Suite

NeoOffice – an open source productivity tool

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