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September 27, 2007

Two Incredible Opportunities for Learning this Fall

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Coming up in the next month are two exciting conferences that I’m encouraging educators to attend. 

The first is one of two educational technology conferences held in Vermont each year.  VTFEST (formerly known as Applefest) has been  providing professional development and networking opportunies for educators using technology for almost 30 years.  Here are 3 reasons I recommend educators consider attending Vermont Fest.

1)      It’s wonderful to see real live examples from our peers of how they are implementing technology in their classrooms.  Knowing that one of our very own has discovered a new way to use technology and is willing to share it with us not only informs us, but also makes us proud.

2)      The opportunity to network with our colleagues from around the state rejuvenates us and renews our commitment to work together to bring equitable access to technology resources in all our Vermont classrooms (no matter how rural)

3)      An opportunity to drive to any corner of Vermont on a crisp Autum day and to soak in Vermont’s best hot tub (at the Killington Grand) will have you returning to school refreshed and inspired to learn and lead with technology.

The second is the annual K12 Online Conference  starting with a half a dozen inspiring preconference keynotes during the week of October 8, followed by two weeks of fabulous workshops (Octoer 12 – 26) from leading technology using educators from all over the world.  This year’s theme “Playing with Boundaries” is bound to provide some innovative insight and provocative discussion in how to use Web 2.0 tools to improve learning.  Here are 3 reasons I will be attending the K12 Online Conference.

1)      There isn’t a single workshop I wouldn’t want to attend; and I won’t have to choose, since I can attend each one in my own space and my own time.

2)      The price is right!  And since travel related to professional development was cut from our budget during the last round of budget defeats, I can still get award winning professional development from the best tech using educators in the world.

3)      I’ve enriched the graduate class I teach by giving my students a choice of attending one of over 30 top notch guest speakers for one of our class sessions.

K-12 Online Conference 2007

See you soon – either on the mountain side of beautiful Killington Vermont or online at the K12 Online Conference!

Happy Learning!

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