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April 30, 2006

On Vacation

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Two months since the last post, doesn’t mean I don’t have much to say… but rather that I’ve been saying it elsewhere.  The two online grad courses I’m taking at UVM have consumed much of my web publishing energy for the past few months, as has the VT-CITE project.  But alas, April vacation took me away from much of it and brought me to Block Island, Rhode Island.  But I didn’t go cold-turkey. I purchased a mobile tech toy right before vacation (Pocket PC) and experimented with mobile computing.  But to prove that I did find some respite, I’ve chosen to experiment with a new technology resource called Film Loop to post some photos from our bike tours around the Island. Enjoy either the pictures or the presentation technology… or both! 

I got rid of the film loop here because it took too long to load.

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