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March 7, 2006

Moving Forward in the 21st Century

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21st century skills  has become a buzz phrase in education.  What do we really mean when we use this latest "buzz phrase"?  My latest journey is to explore this question.  I started the journey by reading Tom Friedman’s Book –  "The World Is Flat- A Brief History of the 21st century".  My conclusion — is that "everyone"  should read this  book.  I went out  and bought my own  copy  (in print and  on CD).   In his description of how the world changed "while he was sleeping",  during a lecture at MIT,  Friedman whispers  "Nobody’s Told the Kids".   My upcoming work will be to seek ways to "Tell the Kids".    Part of that process will be to "Tell their teachers"  and "Tell their parents".     Here is a first draft of a presentation I’m working on to start that process  "Moving Forward in the 21st Century".     In the next few weeks I’m hoping to add video, audio,transcripts, and notes to this presentation.  Hope you join me on this exploration;  please comment along the way.

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